YWC15Youth Work Conference; blink and you missed it. A weekend filled with worship, teachings and encouragement.

Arriving and setting up our beautiful pink stall, we thought as a team, we better brush up on the course portfolios. After a quick test on what course offers which topics, and of course with our CYM hoodies on, we were ready to engage with passers-by and other youth workers. It was an encouragement to speak to people about their chance to study further, and see the surprise on their face when they realised its never too late to return to study. Also, with other stalls surrounding us, it was a fun time to get to know their charities and projects. The hall was a witness to God’s amazing love and action in our world.

Following an empowering talk on leadership and the young people’s potential, we grouped back at the stall and began to show people the opportunities there were in studying the many different courses. With Josh’s amazing pitching skills and compliments to the masses, we had a great first evening talking about CYM.

Waking up slightly less fresh the next morning, we were primed and ready for another morning of inspiring youth workers to study. As I held the fort, the others disappeared to see our amazing lecturer Jo Dolby in action.

By the afternoon, my pitching skills were flagging, and I was glad that Josh and Adele replaced my seat at the stall with energy and passion. Another encouraging talk and worship session, and now it was pub quiz time.

Hours later, and we had soon realised our calling was not the the ministry of general knowledge quizzes… Last place.

Sunday. The final day, with the wind rattling through the marquee and everyone now looking like zombies from lack of sleep; we pulled on our CYM hoodies and caught the crowds as they filed into the Big Tent for worship. It was a good time to engage with others about their chances to deepen their knowledge in Youth Work, followed by standing with them in worship and with communion.

Followed by the chore of packing up and saying our goodbyes. The weekend was all over too quickly, and it was goodbye for another year. A special weekend, sharing in God’s mission for us, and witness his love as we met together as a nationwide team of youth workers.

Until 2016.

Bex – Year 1 CYM Student

Check out this video of some of the highlights of the event: