Philip Grasham

BA (Hons), MA
College Tutor (Disciple Makers)

Soon after Phil met Jesus, he was drawn towards overseas mission. He undertook a two-year training programme in rural south-west Kenya before going to Bible College in the UK where he met his wife. They joined WEC International and headed off to West Africa to be involved in evangelism and church planting among a nomadic people group in Mali.

After they returned to the UK, Phil was appointed as Director of Ministry for Ashburnham Place. Phil thoroughly enjoyed interacting with all the overseas volunteers as he is passionate about helping people to combine the theory and practice of discipleship. When a teaching role came up with BMS World Mission, Phil was excited at the prospect of training men and women to worship and witness overseas. During this time, he completed his Masters in Kingdom Theology with a dissertation on ‘Honour and Shame’ in Luke 15. After eight years with BMS, he was offered a role with Moorlands College and moved into more formal teaching.

Phil jumped at the chance to be involved with Bristol Baptist College and hopes to utilise his training and experience to help people as they follow Jesus on a daily basis.

Phil loves the outdoors and especially wildlife as he first started work as a zookeeper at London Zoo.