Revd Dr Helen Paynter

Research Fellow and Coordinator of Community Learning

Helen PaynterHelen was a nephrologist (kidney doctor) when God called her to Baptist ministry. She trained at Bristol Baptist College and then became Associate Minister at Victoria Park Baptist Church in South Bristol, where she still works in a part-time capacity.

Helen has a Masters in Missional Church Leadership, another Masters in Biblical Studies, and a PhD in Old Testament. Her main research interests are in the narrative portions of the Hebrew Bible. Her second Masters dissertation was on ‘total annihilation’ in Deuteronomy and Joshua, her PhD thesis was on aspects of humour in the book of Kings, and her current research interest is in violence and Judges.

Helen is passionate about helping people to get to grips with the Bible, because she has seen its power to transform lives. She loves to study it, preach it, teach it, encourage others to study and understand it, and help others to learn to read it in its original languages.

Helen loves to go on adventures with her husband and three teenage daughters, and to read anything that makes her think.

Recent Publications:

  • Reduced Laughter: Seriocomic Features and their Functions in the Book of Kings Leiden: Brill, 2016
  • The Ethics of Jubilee in Leviticus 25. Ministry Today, Spring 2016
  • Jubilee Ethics and the Refugee Crisis. Ministry Today, Summer 2016
  • Love the Sojourner. Baptist Ministers’ Journal, October 2016
  • ‘Revenge for my Two Eyes’: Talion and Mimesis in the Samson narrative. Biblical Interpretation, in press.
  • Ahab: Heedless Father, Sullen Son: Humour and Intertextuality in 1 Kings 21. JSOT, in press.
  • Review: ‘Proverbs’: Two Horizons Commentary (Ernest Lucas) Ministry Today, 2016
  • Review: Review: Abraham, The Story of a Life (J. Blenkinsopp) Regent’s Reviews, 2016
  • Review: Rethinking Genesis 1-11: Gateway to the Bible (Gordon Wenham) Regent’s Reviews, 2016