Introductory Course Information

Award: BA in Theology, Ministry and Mission
Location: Bristol Baptist College and Trinity College, Bristol
Awarding Body: Durham University

Students who complete this course successfully will receive a degree from Durham University. The agreement between Bristol Baptist College and Durham University is reviewed every five years and began in September 2014.

Successful completion of this course satisfies the academic requirements for ministerial accreditation by the Baptist Union of Great Britain. This course has indefinite approval by BUGB but is reviewed periodically.

Duration: 3 years (full-time), 4-9 years (part-time).
Academic year: 15 September 2024 – 26 May 2025 (full and part-time course).
Part-time study: When studied part-time, the duration of the course depends on the speed at which you wish to progress through it. This is called the ‘intensity of study’. For example, studying half-time would be equivalent to 50% intensity of study and would typically double the length of the course from 3 to 6 years. Please note that this does not necessarily mean that you will only need to attend for 2.5 days per week at all times of the course. Because you will be attending modules that are on the full-time timetable, depending on your choice of optional and required modules, at some points you may need to attend on any day between Tuesday and Friday. It is permitted to change intensity of study during your course.
Placements: All of our courses provide an opportunity to undertake a placement. For students taking the course as part of a ministerial or children and family pathway, this is a requirement. Our staff are happy to give advice on the choice of a placement, and all placements must be agreed by the College. Please note you are responsible for any travel costs incurred in travelling to and from your placement, and for any accommodation costs. For more information, see our placements page.
Timetables: Timetables are normally available by July in each year, for modules running in the following academic year. Please note that we make every effort to avoid changes to timetables after this, but sometimes, due to staff availability or low recruitment to a module, changes are inevitable. Most modules run on Tuesdays, with a small number on Thursdays and Fridays. Wednesdays is a compulsory day for all ministerial students. Block weeks run at various times during the year. There are two compulsory block weeks for ministerial students. Other students may find their choice of modules limited if they are unable to arrange to attend at least one block week per year. There is a Welcome Week in September each year, and all new students are expected to attend at least some of this.
Tuition Fees and Financial Support: The full-time tuition fees will be confirmed before the start of the academic year. The previous year’s fees were £9325. Part-time fees vary depending upon the number of credits studies each year. There is an additional charge for those also following the Ministerial Formation Programme. Further details available on request. This course is designated for student loan support for eligible students from England. For more information go to:
Graduate Employment: Our graduates have gone on to do a variety of different roles, the most common of which is Baptist or other Ministers. Other graduates have gone on to become community workers, youth workers, children & family workers, pioneer workers, missionaries, and many other roles. We also have a large number of students who have remained in their previous careers, but found that their studies provided new skills and experience which have enriched both their working and personal life.
For further information on specific aspects of the course please follow the links below:

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