Revd Dr Peter Morden

Research Interests:

Peter has published widely in the fields of evangelical history and spirituality, with a particular interest in the intersection between spirituality and mission.

Recent Publications:

C.H. Spurgeon: The People’s Preacher (Farnham: CWR, 2009)

John Bunyan: The People’s Pilgrim (Farnham: CWR, 2013)

‘Nonconformists and the Work of Christ’, in Robert Pope (ed.), T & T Clark Companion to Nonconformity (Edinburgh: T. & T. Clark, 2013)

Communion with Christ and his People’: The Spirituality of C.H. Spurgeon (Eugene, OR: Wipf and Stock, 2014)

The Life and Thought of Andrew Fuller (Milton Keynes: Paternoster, 2015)

(with Ruth Broomhall) To Be a Pilgrim: 40 Days with the Pilgrim’s Progress (Farnham: CWR, 2013)