Revd Clare Hooper

Coordinator of Children, Youth and Families

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Clare is a professionally trained youth worker who, in latter years, has discovered the playful world of children, youth and families. She holds an MA in Professional Practice and Practical Theology (Spirituality and Well-Being) and has a wealth of experience that informs her teaching methods and content.

Clare is passionate about seeing God at work in the lives of children and youth and is an advocate for hearing the voice of and facilitating the participation of children in all areas of our lives.

As an ordained Baptist Minister (Youth Specialist), and Regional Minister representing Children, Youth and Families for SCBA, Clare understand the difficulties and the fruit that can come from including children in our conversations. Clare is always thinking outside the box when it come to creative teaching methods and this is reflected in her teaching.

Clare is also the Chair for Children, Youth and Family for the Round Table, she holds Spiritual Child training and is trauma informed. She is an active member promoting change and inclusion for children, youth, and families in her local council, schools and churches.

Outside of the academic world, you could find Clare camping, gardening, or willow-weaving – but most likely you will find her cycling.


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