Urban Life

URBANLIFE: Networking for mission in marginal Places

Urban LifeBristol Baptist College is committed to equipping people for ministry and mission in deprived urban areas and marginalised communities. Together with the Baptist Union of Great Briton, Urban Expression and the Baptist Missionary Society the college has recently launched URBANLIFE, a new organisation that will focus on delivering training in missiology and mission in deprived urban contexts.

Whilst URBANLIFE is a national network partnering with organisations across the UK it is hosted by Bristol Baptist College and thus brings a new and exciting opportunity for those who want to explore training and ministry in these areas. This includes the opportunity to pursue ministerial training in a variety of urban contexts which are connected to incarnational and emerging forms of Christian community.

In partnership with the college URBANLIFE will offer opportunities to pursue PhD research and we are especially interested in working with those who wish to pursue research which relates to their own urban context. You can find out more about our research supervisors and their areas of interests by clicking here.

Urban Life delivers 4 MA modules in partnership with Bristol Baptist College which focus on Mission in Urban and Marginalised Contexts. You can find out more about these modules here.

Link to our website:  www.urbanlife.org