Student Blog

This day promised a lot.

A ‘quiet’ day, wedged in the middle of a busy week, in a busy term etc. etc. But I had signed up to a Franciscan style quiet day; hoping to take my mind of the deadlines of my essays, and to catch a break from the rushing around of my usual days.

A college day normal starting at 8:30am, on this day we had the luxury of a late start, and I arrived at the college lounge for 10am. After a coffee, a catch up and a rundown on how the day was going to flow, we began the quiet.

In my head there had been quite a build up as to what the quietness was going to behold. But, alone with my thoughts and in the stillness of the room, I found this day was the perfect time to reflect on my journey so far. Just over half of the way through my course, I took time to think back to the term I began my course in, right up until now. I feel massively blessed in how the years have turned out, and in taking time to really think over the changes that have happened and the curveballs that I have managed to dodge – my hope and strength is restored in God once again.

But less about me: What about it was Franciscan? St Francis of Assisi was a humble man living in 13th Century Italy. If he was around today, he would hate the thought of his famous status, and how much he is looked to as an example. However, the way he led his life in pure simplicity, not living within the security of money or work or even clothes, but just following in light of these three commands of the bible:

Matthew 10:10 “Take no bag for the journey, or extra shirt or sandals or a staff…”

Matthew 19:21 “”If you want to be perfect, go, sell your possessions and give to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven. Then come, follow me.”

Luke 9:23 “Whoever wants to be my disciple must deny themselves and take up their cross daily and follow me.”

Many people began to literally follow in the footsteps of St Francis, and soon the brotherhood was formed. His life details many accounts of how he was committed to God, and how God worked miracles in his life. Hearing of this saint, I found it humbling and inspiring to know that someone can be so blessed when they have so little.

This day helped me to think about the extra bits of stuff I could shake off to help make my life simpler. Even just as much as portioning a part of your day to be quiet in that you don’t look at your phone, or spend money, or answer any emails etc. Think about how you could simplify your life, and let it be blessing to you.