The Revd Dr Roger Hayden, former student, Chairman of Trustees and Honorary Research Fellow and Archivist of the College died on March 3rd at his home near Bristol. At a meeting of the Bristol Baptist College Council on Friday 11th March, trustees stood in silence to remember Roger and then recorded the College’s deep sense of gratitude to God for him and for all that he contributed to its life over many years.

Revd Michael Docker, the current Chair of Trustees writes, “We particularly acknowledged Roger’s crucial role as Chairman of the General Committee through the difficult period in the 1990s. I was able to attest to the deeply pastoral way in which he engaged with key figures in the College’s life at that time and the passion that he brought to bear on discussions about the future. The record shows that he was pivotal in making the move from the Woodland Road site possible. Roger, I know, would say that he had only followed in the footsteps of others; he did so with wisdom and a level of commitment and vision that really helped to hold things together. As the College’s archivist in more recent years, Roger was able to use his considerable historical knowledge to good effect and for his significant work in adding to the archive and clarifying records where needed, the College is also profoundly grateful.”

There will be a service of thanksgiving for Roger’s life on Friday April 8th at 2pm at Broadmead Baptist Church to which all are invited.