In partnership with Urban Life, Bristol Baptist College is introducing four new modules at level 7 which will open up a new pathway for those who wish to pursue an in-depth study of the theology and practices of mission in relation to urban and marginalised contexts.

  • Theology and Mission in Contemporary Urban Contexts
  • Practical Theology and Ethnography
  • Theological Perspectives on Place and Power
  • Christian Responses to Marginalisation, Social Exclusion and Deep-Rooted Deprivation

UL3The modules will be of interest to those who are committed to living out a practical and radical Christian response in communities and places that are marked by deprivation and social marginalisation of various kinds. They draw on a combination of key subjects to ensure that theological rigour connects with the lived experience of those in marginal places. They explore the complex and fluid cultures and situations which describe contemporary urban life and seek to develop practical Christian responses in terms of practices and spiritualities which nurture Christian involvement in demanding and difficult environments.

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