Bristol Baptist College is committed to share in the mission of God in the world through the formation of competent, passionate, Spirit-filled and evangelical people for different forms of Christian ministry.

Wednesdays for Pioneers

Our Wednesday Ministerial Formation programme runs alongside a placement in a pioneering context, with 26 Wednesdays of the academic year (from September to May) spent in college with all our Ministers-in-Training.

The pioneering pathway includes:

  • Mentoring with a current pioneer
  • Weekly theological and missional reflection with other pioneer Ministers-in-Training
  • Some pioneer oriented sessions, alongside classes in Spirituality and Discipleship, Identity in Ministry and Voice Coaching.
  • 2 Community Weeks each year provide a focus on topics such as Engaging with Other Faiths, Human Identity (sexuality, gender and race), Management and Leadership skills, etc.
  • An overseas trip with BMS World Mission

FORGE Option for Pioneers

Ask about the opportunity to join FORGE network’s mission training.

Academic Pathway for Pioneers

Academic modules are taught on Tuesdays or in six Block Weeks spread through the year. These lead towards a University of Durham Certificate, Diploma or Degree (BA or MA). All pioneer ministerial students will have opportunities to engage with Anglican Pioneer Ministers at our partner college, Trinity College, Bristol.

Ministers-in-Training aiming for accreditation are required to study up to Diploma Level in Theology, Ministry and Mission, incorporating modules in these four areas:

  • Biblical Studies
  • Christian Theology, Doctrine and History
  • Ministry and Mission
  • Theological Reflection and Reflective Practice

Module options with particular relevance to pioneers include:

L4            Community Development and the Church
L4            Elements of Ministry and Mission in Context
L4            Mission and Evangelism
L4            Introducing Theological Reflection
L4            Basic Youth Work Skills and Practice
L4            Sustaining the World: Christian Faith and the Environment
L4            Introduction to Theology and Human Development in Childhood and Adolescence

L5            Mission Entrepreneurship
L5            Mission and Apologetics in Contemporary Culture
L5            Creative Communication in Evangelism (ILCP)
L5            Reflective Practice in Context*

L6            BA Dissertation*
L6            Extended Project in Theology, Ministry and Mission*
L6            Further Reflective Practice in Context*
L6            Independent Learning Project*

L7            MA Dissertation*
L7            Advanced Theory and Method in Practical Theology
L7            Chaplaincy and Christian Mission
L7            Reflective Practice: Mission and Evangelism*

* Students can propose their own area of study or research, including all aspects of mission and pioneering.

For further information about our Pioneering Ministerial Formation programme contact:

Revd Dr Tim Welch, Coordinator of Ministerial Formation                                                                                                                         
0117 946 9205   

Revd Dr Steve Finamore, Principal
0117 946 7050