Whether they are studying whilst congregation based, pioneer based or college based, all ministerial students carry out ministerial placements.

Students who are studying on a congregation-based or pioneer-based pathway will spend time working at a main church or pioneering placement throughout their studies.

There are then several other types of placements which students may also do.

Community Placements allow students to gain experience in a community project or organisation, such as a care home, foodbank, nursery, etc. They last for around 10 weeks, totalling 30 hours.

Alternative Context Placements take place in the summer over a block of 4 weeks. The idea is for a student to experience a completely different type of setting to their normal experience. So if they are usually based in a small rural church they might choose to do an Alternative Context Placement at a large inner-city church, or vice versa, for example.

During their time at College all ministerial students are encouraged to join a two-week international visit, to see God’s work in another context and to reflect upon the implications for ministry. Recent groups have been to Brazil, India, Lebanon, Peru, Nepal, Zimbabwe and Jamaica.

Students find that these trips affect their understanding of God and the church in profound ways, transforming the way they think, see the world and themselves. The impact of these visits is felt not just by those who go on them but by the whole college community. Financial assistance is available for ministerial students.

(You can also read the College’s Safeguarding policy here.)