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For over 300 years Bristol Baptist College has provided training and formation for women and men called into many forms of ministry. With the opening of the Exeter hub in 2021 the possibility of ministerial formation was brought even closer to those based in the South West.

“Studying in Bristol was never an option for me; the travel, the nights away from family and juggling the demands of a bi-vocational setting, but ministry formation in Exeter made it a possibility.”

Based in the SWBA offices in Wonford, Exeter, week by week students are challenged to reflect theologically on their calling, their ministry and the practicalities of church or pioneer life. Most important of all is the commitment of the college to see these men and women formed and shaped by their time at the hub, growing in Christ-like character and understanding more confidently what shape of ministry God has called and is equipping them to fulfil.

Being a part of the Exeter hub provides opportunities to visit and to meet with ministers, pioneers and faith-based practitioners from around the association, building a network of local contacts and fellow ministers with whom students can continue to journey once they have completed their time at the Hub.

The days at Exeter are complimented by occasional Focus Days at the Bristol site and 2 residential weeks where the Exeter hub students join the other students based at Bristol. Together with regular learning and worshiping experiences online together, the continuity and connectedness with Bristol is cherished.

             “I feel that as a group of students we have had the best of both worlds – the opportunity to get to know each other in the small group whilst also having adequate time to get to know the ministerial formation students and staff at Bristol. Personally I feel fully plugged in to both.”

If you are based in the South West and feel that God may be calling you into some form of ministry for which you would like to be trained, equipped, challenged and supported, ministerial training with the world’s oldest Baptist College may be closer than you think. Why not get in touch?

Eleanor Moffatt:

“My time in the Exeter hub so far has involved breaking a lot of glass ceilings and finding God on the other side waiting for me, willing me on to the better things he has in store for me.”