PFS Modules in 2020-21

Please note that due to the current Covid-19 pandemic, all the PFS teaching days in the 2020-21 academic year will be taking place remotely via Zoom.

Pastoral Care
How can we walk well with people who are facing situations of bereavement, family breakdown, domestic violence, or debt? Is it all about tea and sympathy? How can we bring people we are helping into a healing encounter with Jesus?

Day 1 – 26th September 2020, led by Revd Dr Tim Welch
Day 2 – 17th October 2020, led by Revd Dr Tim Welch

Tim is the Coordinator of Ministerial Formation here at Bristol Baptist College. He was a Baptist Minister for 25 years, serving Baptist churches in Richmond-upon-Thames, Shrewsbury, Jersey and most recently Cambray in Cheltenham, and before that a secondary school teacher. Tim is married to Rachel and they enjoy as much time as possible with their three children before they all fly the nest!

Reading and using the Bible (Old Testament)
Does the Old Testament have anything to say to us as Christians? What should we make of the law? What were the prophets on about? Is the Old Testament God different from the New Testament God?

Day 1 – 7th November 2020, led by Revd Dr Helen Paynter
Day 2 – 9th January 2021, led by Revd Dr Helen Paynter

Helen was a nephrologist (kidney doctor) when God called her to Baptist ministry. She trained at Bristol Baptist College and then became Associate Minister at Victoria Park Baptist Church in South Bristol, where she worked part-time for six years. She is now Associate Minister at Westbury on Trym Baptist Church, Bristol. Helen has a Masters in Missional Church Leadership, another Masters in Biblical Studies, and a PhD in Old Testament. Helen loves to go on adventures with her husband and three teenage daughters, and to read anything that makes her think.

Reading and using the Bible (New Testament)
Why are there four gospels, and why do they tell the same stories differently? Is the book of Acts a guidebook for today’s church? How can I get a handle on the letters from Paul? And what’s with all the dragons at the end?

Day 1 – 6th February 2021, led by – Revd Dr Steve Finamore
Day 2 – 27th February 2021, led by – Revd Dr Steve Finamore

Before becoming Principal at Bristol Baptist College, Steve was Minister of a church in north-west Bristol. In the past he has been a lawyer, led a community development project in inner London, and worked for a rural development project in the Andes of northern Peru. Steve trained for ministry and read theology in Oxford. His doctoral work is on the Book of Revelation.

Missional Leadership in Baptist Context
How can I help my church navigate change without being shipwrecked along the way? How can I help develop a small-groups programme in my church? How do I pour water, not petrol, on a situation of conflict? How do I chair a church meeting without controlling the discussion?

Day 1 – 20th March 2021, led by Revd Gary Woodall
Day 2 – 24th April 2021, led by Revd Gary Woodall

As a Regional Minister, Gary oversees the development of missional networks, overseeing the pastoral care of network facilitators, ministers, and churches within webnet. Gary’s primary relationship is with churches in the Southern half of the webnet region. Gary will be providing ‘transitional ministry’ to help initiate some new patterns of engagement with churches in particular need. He is the webnet contact for those seeking to apply for Baptist ministerial recognition, working with our partner Associations and also for Safeguarding.

Other PFS Modules

The course is taught on a three year rolling programme. The following modules are not being taught in the current academic year, but form part of the course and will be available over the next two years.

Leading Public Worship
What are the relative merits of new songs and old hymns? How might the structure of a worship service lead people into deeper engagement with God? How can we be creative yet faithful; innovative but not faddy?

Phil met his wife Robyn in Durham whilst studying at the university and serving in the worship team of their local church. For both of them, contemporary worship has been a significant part of their initial steps towards following Jesus and the journey into regular ministry within the local church. Robyn now serves as the worship pastor and Phil as the Assistant Pastor at Cirencester Baptist Church. Alongside life in the church family, much of their time is occupied by their two children under 6, an allotment and various DIY jobs!

Sam trained at Bristol Baptist College and became the minister of Calne Baptist Church in October 2009. Sam has a passion that the church should demonstrate the gospel in new and fresh ways outside of the church building and in the local community. He previously worked in the NHS as a nurse and as a Management Trainer. He enjoys the great outdoors, and loves to paint.

How do we ‘connect’ with God? Is there only one right way, or are there other techniques we can use to deepen our relationship with him? What might we learn from Christians in faith traditions different from our own?

Barbara Carpenter has worked for many years as a spiritual director, is an associate member of The Iona Community and alongside ministry in the local church has taught modules on spirituality at Bristol Baptist College. She loves to help people grow as disciples of Jesus. Barbara is chaplain at Lee Abbey and is married to Bill; they have three grown up children and five grandchildren.

Engaging with Contemporary Culture
If the good news of Jesus is eternal, does that mean our message never changes? How might we speak about the need to receive forgiveness to someone who feels no sense of guilt? How do we engage with a society that tells us ‘my truth is as good as your truth’?

Carl works for the family of 100 Baptist churches across the South West as the Regional Minister for Mission. He gets excited about helping churches discover where God is at work in their neighbourhood and enabling them to get involved. He especially loves helping Pioneers share the message of Jesus with communities and networks of people who don’t/won’t engage with the established church. Carl’s role also involves training and releasing missional leaders across the South West and he’s keen to see this develop more in the years ahead.

Has the sermon had its day? Or can it still be an effective tool to draw people onward in their Christian discipleship? How might we make our words easier to listen to, and the word of God harder to resist?

Marc is Pastor of Moriah Baptist Church, Risca. He also serves as Ministry Co-Ordinator for the Baptist Union of Wales, and alongside these roles, serves on a variety of Boards involved in mission, church resourcing, church planting and secular education as well as teaching on a range of issues including preaching, Christian leadership and church growth. Marc is married to Sarah and they have two grown up children.

What Christians Believe – 1
Who is God and why does it matter? How can Jesus be fully God and fully man? The idea of the Trinity is just an invention of the early church, isn’t it…? (We say no!)

What Christians Believe – 2
What does it mean to be made in the image of God? Is creation just destined for the scrap-heap? What’s church all about – can you be a Christian and not part of the church?

Mission and Evangelism
How do I share the love of Jesus with my neighbour? Is running a food-bank ‘doing mission’? What can we learn from the Bible about evangelism? Whose idea is mission, anyway?

Baptist Belief and Practice
Who were the first Baptists? Why were they thrown into prison and executed? What distinctives do Baptists bring to the wider church? Does anybody care anymore, and should we?

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