Baptist History & Principles

The purpose of this course is to enable students to demonstrate that they have required a level knowledge and understanding of Baptist history and Baptist principles appropriate for someone who is to be accredited by the Baptist Union of Great Britain as being appropriate to work in a formal capacity within its member churches and institutions.

The Baptist Union of Great Britain requires all those seeking accreditation as Ministers, Youth Specialists, Lay Pastors and others, to complete a course in Baptist History and Principles. This may be done at any of the Colleges affiliated to the Union and in a number of different ways. This distance learning course enables the student to meet the Union’s requirements without attending College, through set reading and the writing of essays.

The course is based on the following publications:

English Baptist History and Heritage (Second Edition), Roger Hayden, 2005

This is available from the College or direct from the Baptist Union.

Free Church, Free State; The Positive Baptist Vision, Nigel Wright, 2005

This is available from Amazon, Abe Books and other sources.

The course is in two sections and students are strongly encouraged to read both books before attempting either section. Each section offers a choice of four essays. Students are required to complete four essays in total. At least one of these essays should be from Section 1 and at least one should be from Section 2. Each essay must be between 1500 and 2000 words in length. Footnotes may be used. A bibliography is required. Neither footnotes nor the bibliography are included within the word count.

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