Baptist History & Principles

This course is designed for anyone who is interested in learning more about Baptist History and Principles, but it has been particularly designed to be relevant to those engaged in some kind of Baptist ministry and those seeking accreditation as ordained Baptist ministers through the Residential Selection Conference. Throughout the course there will be the expectation that you will bring together what you are learning about history and principles with your own current experience.

Curriculum in Outline

There are six units in the course:

  1. Origins: exploring the origins of Baptists historically and theologically and considering the implications of these for today
  1. Covenant: exploring early Baptist understandings of the Church, the place of covenants within this, and the contemporary renaissance of covenant ideas
  1. Associating: exploring the development of Associations and BUGB with an emphasis on the Declaration of Principle
  1. Church Life: exploring Baptist worship through baptism and communion in both historic and contemporary terms
  1. Mission: exploring the Baptist emphasis on mission through early Baptists, the origins on the BMS, and contemporary missional emphases
  1. Transformation: exploring Baptist concerns to seek the transformation of society, using the slave trade and The Apology as an example


Material for the course will be available online on Moodle, our Virtual Learning Environment. You will be guided through each unit with clear instructions, and this will involve some interactive elements, some reading made available through pdfs, some links to external providers and suggestions for further reading.

To enhance your learning experience there are two expectations through the course. The first is that you produce a learning journal (which is one part of the assessment) in which you put down your ideas, thoughts and reflections as prompted through the units.

The second is that you meet with a learning mentor, appointed for you by your Association Regional Minister, with whom you are expected to meet six times, which should correspond to the six units. For those seeking accreditation through RSC we would also expect that you will meet with your Regional Minister and engage in Association life during this process.

There is no set time for the course, but we would expect it would take you 6 -12 months to complete. This gives sufficient time to ‘live’ with the material and make connections to your church and ministry, but allows sufficient continuity so the material is not lost. If you take significantly longer than 12 months you might need to restart the course.


The cost of the course is a one-off fee of £400. This is paid at the beginning of the course and is non-returnable. You will be sent an invoice for this after we receive your application form. 


You will need to produce 4 pieces of written work, which include a learning journal, essays, and theological reflections.

How to Apply

If you would like to apply please email and we will send you an application form.