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Spotlights on our students and what they’re up to in their placements.

Student Spotlight- CYM

We’re really excited to show you our new film, where CYM student Sian Manning talks about her time studying with us. Sian has been studying towards a BA (Hons) Children and Family Work and Practical Theology, and will graduate this year. Have a watch of her story below.

Student Spotlight: James

Spotlight-JamesOn the second week of each month we want to highlight one of our students and the amazing work they are involved in. So read on to find out more about what one of our fantastic BCYM students is up to!

Spotlight on CYM 3rd year student James, working in a small rural town in Worcestershire.

“Coming towards the end of the final year at CYM, I have had an opportunity to reflect on the many ways that God has blessed me in my ministry over the past three years. I work in a small town Baptist Church in rural Worcestershire, and prior to starting there as a youth worker the church had never really invested in work with young people. This meant an immense challenge for me but also a great opportunity as I had a blank slate from which to build a youth work programme which would engage with the community. Having no experience of youth work whatsoever before starting there it was a bit of a daunting task. A year in and having set up a couple of projects with great support from the church, I felt that it would be honouring to God for me to train in order to be a more professional youth worker, and I chose Bristol CYM as my place of study.

The course has taught me so much about youth work and theology, having access to some prominent figures in the world of Christian youth and children’s work has been invaluable in allowing me to really understand the role of the youth worker in a church context. However one of the most valuable learning experiences has been the way I have developed over the past three years of study. When I started I wasn’t at all convinced that I would be able to complete a degree course, and time has flown by, now I find myself with four weeks left to complete a 10,000 word dissertation and I’m not panicking… Well not too much anyway. Many of the lessons I’ve learned have been directly applied to my work and even the more challenging lectures and conversations have altered or reinforced my personal beliefs. One of the great things about studying at CYM has been the opportunity to learn from other youth workers and the opportunity to share advice and experiences with other people who understand the good and the bad of Christian youth work.

I’m now looking towards what happens after the course and trying to decide whether to look for a full time role doing youth work in a church, or whether to apply the numerous skills I have been taught in another area of work, from leadership to conflict management to working as a team for social justice, there are so many skills I have learned that are applicable to a multitude of roles and will help me wherever God calls me, and I feel more capable of dealing with whatever challenges lie ahead with the knowledge I have gained over the past 3 years. Churches are not always the easiest places to work and I’m certainly glad of the training I have had from CYM, I’m looking forward to applying these skills in the next place I end up!”

Tune in next month to hear about another one of our wonderful students!

Student Spotlight: George

Spotlight-GeorgeOn the second week of each month we want to highlight one of our students and the amazing work they are involved in. So read on to find out more about what one of our fantastic BCYM students is up to!

Spotlight on CYM 3rd year student George, working in Thornbury.

“At the beginning of September I started in a new placement in Thornbury and have been settling in and building relationships with the young people and leadership team I am working with. I have been given a variety of new and exciting opportunities to develop as a youth worker and try things which I have not experienced before.

I have been able to get involved with Streetspace – a detached youth work project in the local community. I go out on a Friday evening speaking with and forming relationships with young people on the streets in the Thornbury area. I am also one of the leaders in the Thursday evening youth group for years 9-13 and have been able to get to know the awesome young people in this group and have led and co-led a few alpha course sessions with them.

Later on in March, we will be taking the youth group on an activity based weekend away. Prayer for the young people during this time away would be much appreciated. There will be times for them to grow closer together as a group through team challenges and the experience of going away together, times for the leaders to be able to build stronger relationships with the young people and potentially have some really deep conversations with them, as well as the young people having a fun time away together.

I have recently been linked with a school in Thornbury to start mentoring sessions with a couple of young people in the school, and have just started this. Prayer would be greatly appreciated for the young people I am mentoring, that they grow in confidence, that I would be able to listen and help them grow as individuals and that I would know what to say and how to help as best I can.

I have started my dissertation and ask for prayer during this time that I can do well with the research and work involved, and that I can be reminded of God’s constant presence in this important and testing time.”

Tune in next month to find out about another of our wonderful students!

Student Spotlight: Amy

Spotlight-AmyOn the second week of each month we want to highlight one of our students and the amazing work they are involved in. So read on to find out more about what one of our fantastic BCYM students is up to!

Spotlight on CYM 3rd year student Amy, working in Worcester.

“During the October half-term I had the privilege of heading up an amazing team of young people and youth leaders from across the city who took part in a new City-wide Youth Mission.

There were over 90 young people and 45 youth workers who participated. The mission launched with a worship service at Worcester Cathedral with an inspiring message from Phil Knox (YFC) reminding us that God can use each of us and that with him we can make a difference.

Early Friday morning in teams we set about serving in our city. We ran a pop-up free cafe blessing people with free coffee and homemade cake, held Messy Church in the market place, spent time in a care home, understood mammoth gardening projects at the local homeless shelter, painted a listed building and helped our at the local Aspire academy for young people at the risk of exclusion. We ended the day with 50 domino pizzas (!) and a retro board game night!

Saturday was a full day of getting out on to the streets and spreading God’s Love to those we met. We had street art on the High Street with prayer skateboards and a giant ‘Before I die Wall’ where passers by could write their bucket list. This generated loads of conversation and gave opportunity to pray for over 200 people on the street. We also did a fun car park challenge where we hung around local car parks paying for the first hour of peoples car parking and swapped up bubbles with local traders to try to get items that would bless the local community and support local charities. Some of our swap ups were amazing – there were £50 of Sainsbury’s vouchers, a cabinet, hair cuts, scarves, hats, £300 of jewellery, several bottles of posh perfume and lots of toys!

Following an epic 110 portion fish and chip supper, we gathered at St Helen’s on the High Street for a final celebration. Three young people gave their life to Jesus, loads were prayed for for healing and there were so many stories of God’s love, his grace and his glory!

This was the first of many city-wide events that are going to happen in Worcester in the coming months. We are heading down to Costa to tell people about Jesus during the famous Victorian Fayre this Christmas, there is a big sleep out planned in the Spring to support the homeless and the dates are set for The Noise 2016!

Find out more at, like us on Facebook (The Noise Worcester) or follow us on Twitter (@TheNoiseWorc)”