Bristol Baptist Community
Community Gathered and Community Scattered

Who are we?

The community is made up of all the people who have ever called Bristol Baptist College home. Some are in college still, whether that be Students, Tutors, Support Staff (Community Gathered) or those who have been sent out into many different forms of ministry from the college (Community Scattered).

What do you do?

We see ourselves as a family, we want to respond and support those who are part of the community and find ways of learning from one another.

We meet once a year in Bristol and come together to worship, pray and learn. It is a day that spans the generations and seeks to engage us all, no matter where we are in terms of geography and ministry.

It looks like I am part of the community, how can I find out more?

We are aiming to increase the communication we have with all the members of the community so that throughout the year we can support one another and keep you informed. With this in mind, please click the subscribe button at the bottom of this page and you will be added to a mailing list. There will be a termly Newsletter as well as the occasional email to inform you of any information that needs to be passed to you.

For any other information, please email us here

God Bless

  • Carol Murray (Chairperson)
  • Tim Parkman (Secretary)
  • Phil Dunning (Treasurer)
  • Pat Hinchcliffe (Gesture Fund Secretary)

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