The world is changing. The church’s place in the world is changing. God is calling women and men of different ages and from different backgrounds to serve church and world in mission and ministry. Bristol Baptist College is responding to all these challenges. The focus is on mission across cultures and subcultures. The emphasis is on ministry in contemporary contexts. We tailor packages of placement-based contextual training and education around the needs of every student.

In active partnership with BMS World Mission , Urban Expression and dozens of innovative local churches and projects, the world’s oldest Baptist college is committed to being a part of the new things that God is doing. The College has these dynamic ministries; Ministerial Formation, Children, Youth & Families Ministries, Theological Education, Community Learning and our new Research and Study Centres.

Whether you are interested in training for ordained ministry within Baptist or other churches, youth or children’s ministry, ministry as a lay pastor, preacher and teacher, or seeking to study theology for personal growth and development, at access, undergraduate or postgraduate level, Bristol Baptist College can provide you with a programme suited to your needs.

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