Sabbaticals are a wonderful occasion to slow the frenetic pace of ministry, thus enabling refreshment of body, mind and soul and renewal of vision for future ministry. For some this will be enhanced by the opportunity to pursue study which in the right measure can be powerfully enriching and strategic.

Bristol Baptist College offers a sabbatical partnership for any ministers who would value supportive engagement with any of the following arrangements:

  1. Auditing a taught module of one of our academic programmes (BA or MA level). Typically these involve 2 hour classes over 10 weeks, or all classes arranged in Block Week.
  2. A bespoke sabbatical programme arranged with Tim Welch or another member of faculty, involving 3 personal appointments (in college or on Zoom) to discuss a suitable study programme around your desired topic (with suggested reading and writing options).
    Sabbatical programmes include use of the college library by arrangement with the librarian.

Contact Tim Welch for further details of options, including costs.