Bristol Baptist College faculty are inviting anyone engaged in Christian ministry to join an online Reading Group over the coming year. This initiative contributes to our Continuing Ministerial Development offering, providing an ideal opportunity to engage with Old and New Testament specialists, as the Reading Groups steadily work through their selected book, learning together, making new friends, and discovering a safe space to ask questions and think about matters of faith and ministry. Our experience is that Reading Groups like this are good for the mind and the soul, as a vital catalyst for our personal Christian formation. To that end, we are very excited about this opportunity and welcome enquiries and bookings from anyone involved in Christian ministry who wishes to join one of these Reading Groups.

The Liberating Image by Richard Middleton

For two thousand years, Christians have been intrigued by the somewhat enigmatic Imago Dei references in the book of Genesis. Much theological ink has been spilled mulling over the significance and meaning of these words: “Let us make humanity in our image, according to our likeness . . .” In The Liberating Image, J. Richard Middleton takes on anew the challenge of interpreting the Imago Dei. Reflecting on the potential of the Imago Dei texts for developing an ethics of power rooted in compassion, he relates its significance to the Christian community’s distinct calling in an increasingly violent world. The Liberating Image introduces a relevant, scholarly take on an important Christian doctrine. It will appeal to all Christians seeking to better understand what it means to be made in God’s image.

This reading group will be facilitated by Revd Dr Helen Paynter, and will meet 3 times during the academic year to discuss The Liberating Image. The meetings will take place at 2pm, lasting 90 minutes, on 18th Nov 2021, 27th Jan 2022, and 3rd March 2022.

The cost is £75 for the three sessions. There are places for up to 8 participants. To register and to receive the Zoom link, please contact Sophie by emailing

Reading ‘The Paradox of Sonship; Christology in the Letter to the Hebrews’

What does the epistle to the Hebrews mean when it calls Jesus Son? Is Son a title that denotes his eternal existence as one person of the Trinity? Or is it a title Jesus receives upon his installation on heaven’s throne after his resurrection and ascension?
In this Studies in Christian Doctrine and Scripture (SCDS) volume, which promotes fresh understandings of Christian belief through creative, faithful readings of the canonical text, pastor and New Testament scholar R. B. Jamieson probes the complexity of the Christology presented in the epistle to the Hebrews.
Exploring the paradox of this key term, Jamieson argues that, according to Hebrews, Son names both who Jesus is eternally and what he becomes at the climax of his incarnate, saving mission. Jesus is, in short, the eternal Son who became the messianic Son for us and for our salvation. This volume thereby offers a case study showing how the church’s core convictions about Christ lead us not away from the text, but deeper into it.

Bristol Baptist College is offering the opportunity to discuss this book with like-minded individuals over the course of the academic year. The four discussions will take place on Zoom between 9.30am and 11.00am over four Friday mornings – 4th October 2022 (pages 1 – 48), 16th December 2022 (pages 49 – 98), 10th February 2023 (pages 99 – 142) and 31st March 2023 (pages 143 – 169).

The sessions will be led by Revd Dr Steve Finamore, College Principal and Tutor in Biblical Studies.

Participants will need to purchase or borrow a copy of the book.

The cost is £100 for the four sessions. There are places for up to 8 participants. To register and to receive the Zoom link, please contact Sophie by emailing