Launched at the end of 2018, the Centre for the Study of Bible and Violence is Bristol Baptist College’s newest study centre.

The Centre for the Study of Bible and Violence is a research centre to study the overlap between the Bible and violence. Their work falls into two areas:

  • Interpretation of violence that the Bible contains
  • Studying the ways that the Bible is weaponised

The CSBV runs a variety of events, including conferences, lectures and training, and also publishes a wealth of resources such as books, podcasts, and a blog for preachers, all of which may be of interest to you as part of your Continuing Ministerial Development.

Particular things that the CSBV might offer to ministers interested in CMD include:

The recordings from this May 2022 conference on the intersections between Scripture, trauma and criminal justice. With an international array of speakers including Malcolm Foley, June Dickie, Robert Chao Romero, Matt Martens, Lynden Harris and Christopher Southgate. (5x 2 hours.)

The recordings of our 2022 Lent lectures on “the things that make for peace”. An international and ecumenical range of speakers, including David Tombs, Steven Harmon and Georgina Jardim. (6x 1 hour.)

Please see the Centre for the Study of Bible and Violence website for more information and resources.