We express our commitment to one another in fellowship with each other and service to the wider body of Baptist ministers. This connection can take many forms but primary among them is our meeting with other ministers in cluster meetings, huddles, learning communities, peer mentoring, ministers’ conferences and so on. Through these we support, encourage, advise and pray for each other so that none of us feel overlooked or without a place to belong among our cohort of ministers. We agree to look out for each other, whether we are in a pioneer setting, chaplaincy, pastoral ministry, or another specialist, regional or national role.

Where possible, we also support each other by offering our time to something that strengthens the wider Baptist movement. Perhaps we mentor others or train as a pastoral supervisor. We might organise ministers’ meetings, lead a learning community, or act as an interim moderator. We could support our regional association as a trustee or member of the ministerial recognition committee. Or we share in the various Baptist forums and networks that have national reach. The options are numerous, but in some way, we aim to serve the Baptist movement that we are part of.

Connecting with ministers and partners from other church traditions and mission groups is also likely to be important to us. We embrace these wider relationships in recognition of the diversity of the body of Christ. Nevertheless, the CMD habit of connection focusses on our interaction with our fellow Baptists because we want to make our mutual covenant relationship real and meaningful.