Accompaniment to discuss important things while walking along the ‘dusty road’ is immensely beneficial to gain clarity and insights. Just think about the two disciples walking the Emmaus Road as Jesus comes alongside them, asking them questions which prompt them to consider Bible teaching, their own recent experiences as well as future hopes and perspective.

These days, there are a broad range of theological reflective models available to enhance ministerial practice. For some ministers who are not able to join a reflection group, Bristol Baptist College is offering 1-2-1 accompaniment for three or four reflective sessions throughout the year, to be able to:

  • Explore aspects of theological reflective practice that are pertinent to your context.
  • To recommend one or two books related to key themes, as required reading for a later session.
  • To discuss the best way of appropriating the learning points (written paper, art project, curating core aspects, etc.).

It is anticipated that this form of learning and accountability will be of interest to those ministers who would appreciate digging deeper into a specific area, while prepared to consider their personal location in the reflective process.

Feel free to contact Tim Welch for an initial discussion. This might help clarify whether a bespoke Reflective Practice arrangement will be appropriate for your CMD.