We offer various possibilities to help Baptist ministers pursue the five habits of Continuing Ministerial Development established by the Baptists Together Ministries Team.

Click here to download the Baptists Together CMD Handbook.

Newly Accredited Ministers (NAMS)

From September 2020, the five habits of CMD are intentionally embedded in the three years as a Newly Accredited Minister (NAM):

Learning (of new skills or understanding);
Attentiveness (to God, self and family);
Accountability (to someone beyond our ministry setting);
Connection (to the wider Baptist family); and
Review (of ministry).

In partnership with Baptist Colleges and each local Baptist Association, the probationary years helps to establish these habits deep in the ongoing ministry of all NAMS.

Marks of Ministry

The Marks of Ministry are a measure of character, attitude and behaviour. They describe what we are more than what we do as ministers. They list the attributes that Baptist colleges seek to nurture in their ministers-in-training and which all ministers, once accredited, are to display and hone through CMD.

The Marks of Ministry are demonstrated in each of us when we are:

Mature as disciples of Christ
Accountable to others
Relational in approach to leadership
Servant-hearted and sacrificial

A fuller explanation of the Marks of Ministry can be found in the Ministries section of the Baptists Together website.