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Prepare For Service

PFS Logo NewWe’re really excited to unveil our new film all about our Prepare For Service course.

PFS is a flexible Saturday course designed for anyone who wants to learn more about the Bible, their faith, God, and how they can serve Him. It’s ideal for anyone wanting to become a Lay Pastor or Preacher, those called to ministry, and anyone wanting to explore their faith.

Watch our new video to find out more!

Staff Position Available

The College seeks to appoint a tutor and coordinator of ministerial formation to replace Sian Murray Williams who steps down in the summer of 2016. We are looking for someone with considerable experience in ministry to take on this key role. There is some flexibility as to the specific academic focus of the person appointed, who will teach at every level from access to postgraduate. Our aim is also to ensure a balanced team with complementary gifts and experiences contributing to the ministerial formation of our students. We are open to the possibility of making either a full-time or a part-time appointment.

For more details please email

CYM Staff Conference 2016

On the third week of each month we review an event that we’ve attended recently. This month Jo Dolby shares some reflections on the recent CYM Staff Conference.

The beginning of February saw our annual CYM staff conference. This is where CYM staff from across our five UK centres gather together to plan, dream, learn and catch up. It’s always a highlight for me as it’s one of the only times in the year when all the CYM staff are together in one place. It’s inspiring to hear what other centres are doing, great to have some space from the daily routine and exciting to dream about the future as we look to expand and improve both the training we offer and the ways in which we can offer it.

IMG_7271On the first day we heard an update from each CYM centre, and we had Mike Pears from Urban Life delivering two keynote sessions to the academic faculty. Mike has done a fascinating PhD and presented some of his findings. He helped us reflect on the changing cultural landscape we are in and what the implications of this are for mission, and for how we train people to do mission. Mike spoke about placing our bibles on our map, reflecting theologically about place and space to enable us to understand what’s happening and how to respond to it. The evening allowed some much needed pub time, and it was great to have some time to socialise with everyone.

On day two we got down to discussing some important things – where CYM currently is, the challenges we face and the opportunities we have for research and development. Jo WhiteFullSizeRenderhead from Midlands CYM led a really interesting session on visual facilitation skills, challenging us to use more visual methods in our lectures. Sam Richards from Oxford CYM gave a really helpful keynote on academic feedback – thinking about what we say to students about their work and how we can say it better. It was helpful to be given some new methods and words to clarify and sharpen our feedback, which is such an important part of how students learn and develop.

It was a really positive two days, where I was reminded of how unique CYM’s training is, as well as how many incredible and knowledgeable people we have across the CYM faculty and how privileged I feel to be part of it all. It’s made me excited about the year ahead and all the things God has in store for us. Watch this space!

Student Spotlight: George

Spotlight-GeorgeOn the second week of each month we want to highlight one of our students and the amazing work they are involved in. So read on to find out more about what one of our fantastic BCYM students is up to!

Spotlight on CYM 3rd year student George, working in Thornbury.

“At the beginning of September I started in a new placement in Thornbury and have been settling in and building relationships with the young people and leadership team I am working with. I have been given a variety of new and exciting opportunities to develop as a youth worker and try things which I have not experienced before.

I have been able to get involved with Streetspace – a detached youth work project in the local community. I go out on a Friday evening speaking with and forming relationships with young people on the streets in the Thornbury area. I am also one of the leaders in the Thursday evening youth group for years 9-13 and have been able to get to know the awesome young people in this group and have led and co-led a few alpha course sessions with them.

Later on in March, we will be taking the youth group on an activity based weekend away. Prayer for the young people during this time away would be much appreciated. There will be times for them to grow closer together as a group through team challenges and the experience of going away together, times for the leaders to be able to build stronger relationships with the young people and potentially have some really deep conversations with them, as well as the young people having a fun time away together.

I have recently been linked with a school in Thornbury to start mentoring sessions with a couple of young people in the school, and have just started this. Prayer would be greatly appreciated for the young people I am mentoring, that they grow in confidence, that I would be able to listen and help them grow as individuals and that I would know what to say and how to help as best I can.

I have started my dissertation and ask for prayer during this time that I can do well with the research and work involved, and that I can be reminded of God’s constant presence in this important and testing time.”

Tune in next month to find out about another of our wonderful students!