Revd Dr Mike Pears


Mike PearsMike is the director of Urban Life and missions tutor at Bristol Baptist College. He has been involved in urban ministry, mission and church planting for over 30 years in a variety of contexts including Peckham (London), Vancouver (CA) and Bristol and is currently a member of a small intentional community in a large urban estate.

Mike is particularly interested in exploring how Christian communities can engage practically and effectively with deprived places and communities that experience marginalisation. This involves developing practical approaches to theology that relate well to marginal contexts and are shaped by the struggles of those who live there.

Mike’s ongoing research interests include: the theology of place, especially as that relates to issues of power and inequality; the use of ethnography in relation to theology and mission; urban theology.

Along with Prof. Paul Cloke (Exeter University), Mike is co-editing and authoring a series of six books entitled Mission in Marginal Places to be published by Paternoster from summer 2016.

For fun Mike likes playing with his grandchildren, cycling, walking, art and eating good food. He is a director of the innovative cookery school The Square Food Foundation.