Prepare for Service

A Course of Christian Learning for Discipleship and Ministry in Today’s World, in partnership with the Baptist Union of Great Britain

Prepare for Service is for you if:

you are seeking training and recognition as a Lay Pastor or Preacher
you have been called to another ministry or role within the local church
you simply want to explore your faith further.
Prepare for Service is:

  • part of the Baptist Training Partnership - a consortium of the Baptist Colleges and Regional Associations and the Baptist Union of Great Britain
  • a three year modular course leading to the Certificate of Bristol Baptist College in which students build up a portfolio of learning
  • a course approved by the Baptist Union of Great Britain for those seeking to become locally recognised Pastors or Preachers.

Prepare for Service is:

  • a flexible course which means that modules completed at other Baptist Colleges or equivalent modules from other institutions can be credited towards the final portfolio. PFS is also open to those who are interested in attending single modules only
  • a manageable course at Access level, consisting of attendance at the College on 8 Saturdays each year (2 Saturdays per module) with 2 written assignments for each module. To complete the course, students must successfully complete all 12 modules. No previous qualifications are required
  • a rolling programme which means that you can commence the course at any time with any module.

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When & Where is PFS held?
PFS will normally place take from 10.00 am - 4.00 pm on 8 Saturdays in the year.

What do I need to bring with me?
PFS students will need to bring a packed lunch (tea and coffee provided) and a bible, notebook and pen.

How much does it cost?
PFS students - Single Modules for PFS students cost £50 (includes attendance for 2 Saturdays plus notes and tutor support).

Saturday Students - (those not registered for the PFS Course) - £12.50 for each Saturday attended.

Applicants are encouraged to approach their churches for assistance towards the cost of the course.

If you are using this course towards local recognition as a Lay Preacher or Pastor then you must first apply to your Regional Association who will interview you and refer you to the College to begin the course.

What they say:

“I am really grateful for the imaginative and flexible way in which Bristol Baptist College has shaped its lay training courses in recent years. Prepare for Service has been enormously successful in equipping lay pastors and preachers for ministry in the South West and I am delighted to see the way that this respected course is being developed. I warmly commend this new course and hope that large numbers of people will want to sign up.”
Rev Jonathan Edwards, General Secretary, Baptist Union of Great Britain

“I believe Prepare for Service will enable anyone taking part to grow in their understanding and experience of how God has equipped them to be more involved in ministry and mission through the church. I warmly commend this course - whole, or part - as a great way to be challenged and equipped for present and future service.”
Rev Nigel Coles, Regional Minister Team Leader, West of England Baptist Association

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