Ministerial Formation

At Bristol Baptist College we have almost three centuries’ experience of preparing people for ministry. Over the years we have been at the forefront of innovation yet our goal remains best expressed in the words of the eighteenth century Principal, Caleb Evans – to prepare ‘able, zealous, lively and evangelical ministers of the gospel’.

Today we offer three pathways to ministry: a college based course, congregation-based learning, and mission context-based training. Any of these can be accompanied by different degree or diploma courses up to PhD level, all Univerity-accredited , and taught in partnership with Trinity College, Bristol. Students who already have a degree in theology may take the Advanced Diploma in Ministerial Theology, which is a bespoke internal award of the College designed to 'fill in the gaps' of previous study and prepare students for ministry.

In all three pathways students are encouraged and enabled to integrate theoretical learning with pastoral practice, drawing on the different disciplines which make up the study of theology and relating these to experience gained from placement work and their own lives.

In these ways Baptist College ministerial students are formed spiritually, intellectually and practically for a lifetime of ministry; not because they have learned in College all there is to know, but because they have been given the right foundations, have been taught to reflect theologically on any situation that may present itself, and so are equipped to be lifelong learners.

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