Costs of studying

These notes are intended to be a guide to the costs of study at Bristol Baptist College, particularly for overseas students. They are based on a family of four (i.e. mother, father, and two children).

Approx  cost per item (all costs are per year):    
The fees for undertaking a 3-year degree course - £9,000
Accommodation for a family - £7,200
Household (water, electricity, gas, Council Tax, phone, etc.) - £5,000

Food (for a family of 4) - £5,000
Clothes (for a family of 4) - £2,000

Extras (medical needs, holidays, spectacles, etc) - £5,000

The costs for one person are obviously less, though the costs of airfares to return home for vacations would need to be added.

We have one tuition bursary available each year, but this is only made available to students commended by their national Baptist Union, and priority is given to those from the two-thirds world.
The UK Home Office require students applying from outside the EEA to provide evidence that they have sufficient funding for fees and living expenses before starting the course.