Tutor in Christian Theology Job Description

Tutor in Christian Theology and Coordinator of Community Learning
Bristol Baptist College is committed to the formation of competent, passionate, spirit-filled and evangelical servants of Jesus Christ. This has been its mission for over 300 years.  Under God’s guidance, we continue to seek ways in which this mission needs to be expressed in a rapidly changing church and world environment. Our current work includes the formation of men and women for a variety of ministries in established churches, new churches and new contexts which call for an incarnational Christian presence.
Recent developments in College life include the establishment of a Centre for Urban Mission, for which funding over the next five years has just been awarded; our active participation in the Common Awards programme of the Church of England which starts in 2014 under the banner of Durham University; an intentional development of our ecumenical partnership with Trinity College, Bristol, with whom we seek closer convergence; a closer working relationship with the Baptist Missionary Society through whom we offer many students the opportunity to visit a different part of the world where they experience God and the church in a new way, and with whom we seek to shape all programmes with a missional imperative.  The College is also one of the partners with the Institute for Children, Youth and Mission (CYM) in delivering courses in youth and children’s work.
The Need
We are looking for a Tutor who can contribute to the development of College life through participation in the Ministry Programme, the delivery of academic awards, the supervision of research students, and in other ways which we consider to be important to the equipping of women and men for ministry. The person appointed will bring complementary gifts and skills to the existing team with a view to offering a balanced, broad, and pioneering perspective. This means that there is some flexibility as to the specific academic focus of the post. Who they are and what they bring is necessarily broader than a discrete academic discipline.
Summary of Role
The Tutor will be a part of a team that works in a collegial way in its sharing of the leadership of the College. They will have particular responsibility for the development of the College’s successful programme of Community Learning. They will contribute to the delivery of the academic programme shared with Trinity College, Bristol, and to the College’s Ministry Programme, through which women and men are prepared for Christian mission and ministry.
Duties and Responsibilities

  1. To teach one or more of the following subjects at Community Learning, Undergraduate and at Masters levels: Christian Doctrine, Church History, Practical Theology.
  1. To contribute to all the ways in which we help to form students who are preparing for Baptist ministry and for other forms of Christian service.
  1. To supervise students’ research projects up to and including doctoral level.
  1. To share in the teaching of spiritual formation, and help to shape its future expression.
  1. To coordinate and develop the existing programmes of Community Learning (including the Saturday courses Prepare for Service and Equipped to Pioneer, events for ministers, events for churches, and events for Baptists interested in theology), and initiate new programmes and events, which equip the body of Christ for the tasks of ministry, as we collectively discern their need.

Team Participation

  1. To play an active role in the management and development of the College by participating in regular team meetings, enabling the College Council and relevant committees to engage with issues in ways that lead to good decision making, and be  committed to collegial ways of working.
  1. To deepen the life of the College community through faithful involvement in its worshipping life, in shared meals, quiet days and other activities.
  1. To share in the pastoral care of College students and act as personal and pastoral tutor to a particular group of them.
  1. To contribute in creative ways to the planning and delivery of the College’s Ministry Programme.
  1. To represent the College, as agreed and where appropriate within, for example, the structures of the Baptist Union of Great Britain (BUGB), the European Baptist Federation, the Baptist World Alliance and other ecumenical partners.
  1. To participate in the trans-local work of the College through being available to the Baptist and other churches in the region  to lead worship, preach and teach and to act as consultant in areas where need fits your gifts and experience. 
  1. To be fully engaged in the partnership with Trinity College, Bristol, building good relationships with Trinity staff and students, contributing to joint committees and sharing in the development of the joint curriculum.
  1. To take on such additional responsibilities as may be requested from time to time by the Principal or by one of the team meetings.

The Core Values of the College Team
The College team is committed to the developing and deepening of our communal ethos expressed in collegial and collaborative ways of working. We seek to relate to each other and work in ways in ways which builds a healthy Christian community. In particular, we are guided by BUGB’s Five Core Values statement. Among other things, this finds expression in

  1. a commitment to a studying and encountering God in the Bible, an approach which seeks to tussle obediently with, be convicted and guided by the Word and Wisdom found within it; to explore and communicate that faithfully with others;  to nurture a life of disciplined study, and to live a life of following Jesus informed and shaped by our encounter with Him through Scriptures in the power of the Spirit ;
  1. a commitment to a collegial way of working which encourages, stimulates and supports colleagues ;
  1. a commitment to modelling servant leadership through diaconal forms of service, for example, participating with a tutor group in the regular task of washing up after meals, and in other ways in which the Community is served;
  1. a shared concern for the life and witness of local churches and for the College’s vocation to serve them through the formation of ministers and the equipping of church members for various forms of service;
  1. a willingness to share in ecumenical activities and, in particular, to nurture the College’s partnership with Trinity College;
  1.  a desire to participate in the mission of God through the College’s ministries and through those of its partners such as BMS World Mission and Urban Expression.

You will

  1. be a person of prayer, having developed rhythms of personal and corporate prayer, attending to God’s leading in your own life, and be able to help others to do the same;
  1. know yourself well, being aware of your strengths and weaknesses and open to being challenged and changed as you engage with God in Community;
  1. love the Bible, displaying an ability to study and understand the beliefs, practices, story and Scriptures of the Christian faith, to communicate these within and beyond the Church, and to live a life of Christian discipleship and witness consistent with that understanding (this will be interpreted in accordance with the BUGB Ministerial Recognition Rules in force at the time of interpretation);
  1. love the Church, and have a keen understanding of contemporary issues facing her and the world and be committed to missional discipleship in this age;
  1. have experience of leadership and ministering in a free church (non-episcopal) context;
  1. have experience of postgraduate research in an appropriate subject;
  1. be a good communicator, able to inspire and inform, with an ability to teach at introductory, undergraduate and postgraduate levels;
  1. readily be able to make connections between contemporary issues and missional  and/or pastoral practice and to enable others to reflect similarly;
  1. be experienced and skilled in dealing with people, so able to support students in their learning and through the formation processes;
  1. have experience of leading worship, preaching and teaching in a local church or missional setting context;
  1. be committed to continuing professional development, including research in areas of teaching and specialism;
  1. be an active member of a local church/congregation;
  1. be confident in the use of IT, including office applications and the internet, with a willingness to use these and the College’s  Virtual Learning Environment, Moodle to enhance the learning experience of students.

You will

  1. know and be inspired by Baptist history, principles and practices, being able to pass on that story and passion to students and churches, encouraging them to live in accordance with Baptist core values;
  1. be an accredited minister of BUGB;
  1. have a doctoral level qualification in an appropriate subject;
  1. have experience of teaching and of postgraduate supervision.