Congregation-based course

The congregation-based ministerial course of Bristol Baptist College is an in-service course of ministerial formation intended to lead to an academic qualification acceptable to the BU Ministry Department and thus to entry on the Union’s ministerial accreditation list. The course takes place in association with the exercise of a pastoral office in a local Baptist church, to which the ‘minister-in-training’ has been duly called and welcomed, lasting at least three years, and normally four years if the minister is pursuing the University of Bristol BA in Theological Studies.
In term-time, each week consists of 8 time blocks (a block is a morning, afternoon or evening) in church work, 8 time blocks in college work and up to five time blocks as free/family time. The minister-in-training will be in Bristol on either Tuesday/Wednesday or Wednesday/Thursday each week, depending on what courses they are following during that particular semester. Out of term there are 16 time blocks available for church work.
The placement church provides a half standard stipend, accommodation, six weeks annual leave and the usual ministerial expenses.
Carmel Murphy writes of her experience as a Congregation-based student:
“I have massively enjoyed my time at Bristol Baptist College and will miss it very much. I have made some fabulous friends, learnt loads and been suitable stretched cerebrally! I am now looking forward to working with the Urban Expression Team in Cobridge, Stoke on Trent and being ordained in the autumn”.
Sara Barron writes:
"Being part of the Bristol Baptist College family for the last four years has been the most exciting, inspiring, encouraging, painful, demanding and changing experience. This time has not only taught me a great deal but has shown me new possibilities and helped me be more the person God made me to be".
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